GlitzMC Network


A strong set of minigames involving different maps, mass amounts of players trying as hard as possible to get killstreaks, camping in false koths, and battles to the death! This minigame is inclined to combine the grinding scene of Minecraft with the PvP scene by introducing a K.D ratio! Keep this as low as possible to stay on top of the leaderboards!

Competitive Games

Fight against random people in Unranked or Ranked queues, or party up with your friends and do some FFA, Team or HCT fights! With fast-paced knockback, custom arenas, and more

The Bridge
Fight against players on a thin bridge and score goals to win! Custom maps designed like their other counterparts, flying combos, faster building, leaderboards, and more!

Create a faction. Invite your friends. Recruit players and make long-lasting friendships. Create a base. Raid other peoples' bases. Grind, and grind, to become the top faction (max 50 players in one faction). Forget servers with pay2win, this is the real definition of HCF.


A custom blend of SkyWars including flying knockback, ender pearl cooldowns, overpowered refills, and much more extreme combos allowing for more intense and skill based gameplay.

On the BedWars minigame, we attempt to achieve one large goal - BedWars, on a server. Not a minigame full of particle effects, trails, and other cosmetic items, just designed to cause extra lag. No. BedWars is a game to collect resources from your generator, defend your bed, and bridge to middle, and get involved in real combat, instead of the mild amounts you would usually get in this minigame.

Survival Games
Bringing back SG from MCSG, GlitzMC plans to continually improve the minigame in several aspects allowing for players to grind without worrying about the minigame being replaced! GlitzMC has updated MCSG's game in small ways allowing for it to still be enjoyed in modern times. You will actually enjoy Minecraft for the first time in years if you are one of those OG Survival Games players.